Vale of Tears Thigh High Boots

Vale of Tears Thigh High Boots


LAST PAIR! Womens 8 US 


You can choose what eye color you would like.


The Vale of Tears boots will be a rare completely one of a kind piece. I used heel-less wedge shoes as the base. I then created the entire boot shaft to your measurements. Recycled leather creates the unique wrinkle effect and is lined with a black stretch denim. For these boots I added the black sorrow tears effect. Each eye is crying black bile which collects and forms the platform of the boot. The platform is top-coated with clear resin to ensure the pooling tears permanently stay on and help make them less prone to scuffing. The back of the boots are purposely left open and corset lace up. I painstakingly developed a pattern that promises to hug the curves of your legs while still being comfortable. The boot shaft stays up perfectly on its own.  Bending, even completely dipping down to the floor, is no problem and when you come up again the boot shafts return to their upright place. No tugging/adjusting needed.

I used upcycled leather clothing and recycled leather scraps on all leather items. Any animal bones are from animals that have died of natural causes. Insects also have died of natural causes.