Master of Decay Belt Buckle

Master of Decay Belt Buckle


The Master of Decay belt buckle is available in two different sizes: Rectangle or Circle. Each one features a center demon eye with my signature Necromancer wrinkled leather. I use recycled leather for the eye. Replica human teeth create a macabre border. The teeth are high grade replicas that are currently used in dental practice. The metal part of the buckle is black and made of a zinc alloy. 


Because of the unique, hand made nature of the Necromancer design each piece is one of a kind. It is literally impossible to create a precise replica. Eyes may be in different areas and the wrinkling/stitching will absolutely be different. The recycled leather varies in type and texture. Everything is hand made, even the taxidermy demon eyes. I use images of real creature eyes including reptiles, wolves, and goats.



Rectangle: 3.5"W X 2.5"H

Circle: 2 10/16 Diameter (across the middle of the circle)

Crafted to fit a standard 1.5" wide snap on belt buckle.


Please allow up to 2-3 days processing time. 


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I used upcycled leather clothing and recycled leather scraps on all leather items. Any animal bones are from animals that have died of natural causes. Insects also have died of natural causes. 

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