Bag of Holding

Bag of Holding


The Bag of Holding is created using genuine leather. Deer and bison making up the body of the bag and recycled leather creating the unique wrinkle effect. I love distressed leather so I purposely choose the most distressed pieces that I can without sacrificing durability. The bag is satchel style with one main compartment and an outisde smaller compartment. I designed it with an adjustable chain strap so that it can be worn long or short and even around the hips like a festival bag. 


Because of the unique, hand made nature of the Necromancer design each piece is one of a kind. It is literally impossible to create a precise replica. 



*These may be slightly different due to the design*

Height: 15.5"

Width: 11"

Total strap length: 50.5" (The leather part is 15")

Main compartment: 12"H X 10"W

Outside compartment: 8.5"H X 10"W


Please allow up to 2-3 days processing time. 

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I used upcycled leather clothing and recycled leather scraps on all leather items. Any animal bones are from animals that have died of natural causes. Insects also have died of natural causes. 

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